Our Family


Marcus is a follower of Jesus who enjoys his family more than anything, but admit that it is much easier to have  doctorate in adolescence than it is to have to adolescents in your house! In addition to being with family, Marcus loves to play with the dogs, kayak, read, relax in the hot tub and spend time in conversation with great people. Marcus serves as the Senior Pastor of St. Mark’s and also teaches online with two college and seminaries. Marcus is an author, consultant, speaker and social scientist. Marcus loves to travel and has been to 41 states and 26 countries. 

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Jessica loves being with her family and with her church family. Jessica is an instructional coach, working with all of the teaching staff at the middle school where Micah and Abby attend. Jessica is also an adjunct faculty member at Purdue’s Fort Wayne Campus. Jessica does some editing, has done some private swim instruction and has worked as a teacher policy advocate. Jessica loves to cook, to garden, to enjoy the outdoors and to travel.


Micah is almost 14 years old and is completing his last year in middle school (8th grade) and will start high school soon. Micah participates in band, marching band, game club, and various tech and robotics clubs. Micah will join the show choir band in high school. Micah is in boy scouts and has participated in various tech & robotics groups in the community. Micah loves technology, gaming, music and a variety of other quirky things. Micah helps out with the tech booth at church and enjoys youth group. Micah could make a career out of rolling his eyes, especially at his sister.



Abby is just about to turn 12 and finishing her first year in middle school (6th grade). She participates in band, cross country, track, and will join the marching band this summer. She is also in girl scouts. Abby is full of live and zest and you rarely have to wonder what she is thinking. She is an animal lover (and cat whisper) who is basically incapable of keeping a clean room. She us sure compassionate and loves to cook and bake.  Abby also enjoys youth group and helping with the nursery at church. Abby really loves to eat at subway, referring to it as her husband.


The Dogs

Oreo and Reeses are our two Border Collies. They are from the same breeder and parents, but different litters. Oreo is a short-haired black and white male and Reeses is a long haired brown and white female with one brown eye and one blue eye. They are energetic, exceptionally smart (they know dozens of tricks) and an important part of our family. Their favorite things are to play ball, ride in the truck, chase laser pointers and hang out with dad.



The Indoor Cats

We have more indoor cats than we would like, mostly due to our children volunteering at the humane society as a part of the work of our church in the community. Odie is our orange and white massive male cat. Cleo, his sister is a sassy calico cat. Abby’s cat is Luna, an all black cat that should have been named lunatic. Micahs cat is Kaya, a cute black cat who is a bit of a runt and thinks that she is human.


The Farm Animals

Life is full on our hobby farm. In addition to anywhere from 1 to 4 bee hives with tens of thousands of residents there are many other outdoor animals. We have several chickens (for eggs), an outdoor rabbit, two barn cats (to take care of critters in the barn) and two other farm cats who were dropped on our property in the last year. 


Bonus Kids

We have many kids that we would call our bonus kids. They include the three children that we started sponsoring back around 2010-2011. They have all left the program but we still consider them ours. We also consider a handful of Micah and Abby’s friends as our bonus children, even naming them such. Finally, rounding out the bonus kids are the many kids we have met traveling abroad in Asia, Central America and Africa the we wish we could have brought home with us.