This has been and will go down as (and hopefully stay) as the strangest year ever. Our family has done well in the midst of it however. We actually enjoyed each other during quarantine in March/April even more than before. So far we have managed to avoid any exposure to Covid-19. Jessica and the kids went back to school and remain in person so far. We had a nice family vacation in early November to make up for the lost Spring Break. We are looking forward to a trip to Disney the week before Christmas.

Micah and Abby continue to do well but morn the loss of marching band season. Jessica had a job change due to Covid and while she is in the same school district, she is back in the classroom and in the high school now. Marcus also started his new work, officially launching the non-profit in January. It turned out to be a hard time to do so with part of his work involving international travel and the challenge of fundraising. That said, it has been a very healthy year so far for our family and while we look forward to 2020 ending, we are immensely thankful for so much. 

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