Summer of Travel

This summer we have a lot of travel, even though we do not like to be away from home in the summer. Summer travel is expensive, hot, and crowded. We also really love our pool.

This summer we took a trip to Colorado, Micah’s senior trip. That is their high school graduation gift, they get to pick a trip for us to do as a family. It was a wonderful 6 days of reminiscing, seeing friends, reenacting phots and visiting the sites.

Marcus and Jessica will have some work travel. 

In June, Abby will spend 15 days in 5 countries in Europe (England, France, Switzerland, Germany and Austria) as a part of an Indiana traveling high school band.

In July, Micah will send two weeks in Japan as a part of a student exchange program.

Both kids have worked hard to fundraise and pay for their trips.

These kids have a great life and we are thankful. 

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