Exchange Students

The gang!

For two weeks in April, we had the privilege of having two exchange students from Japan as a part of a program that our local school participates in. In July, Micah will travel for two weeks to Japan. 

It was a fun filled, full and fast two weeks together where we helped these students experience all sorts of interesting (and maybe not so interesting) aspects of culture here in the midwest US. Shun and Ryosuke were great guests, full of personality. They even cooked us food! They loved our property and our pets and we became quite attached to them. We were very sad to see them go. We are so thankful for yet another chance to expose our kids to culture and appreciate how much they enjoy those things. It was a great experience for our family and I would not be surprised to see them visit us again (especially Shun) or for our family to make a trip to Japan. 

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