Family Update-April 2020

We are providing this update in the strangest period of history that most any of us have experienced, the Covid-19 pandemic.  We are doing well as a family, all of us are working from home and have been meeting or exceeding all federal and state guidelines. Other than for supplies and a couple drive thru ice cream/food runs we have been staying at home. We have been enjoying the family time immensely, laughing, working around the house, doing our own thing, attending church virtually, playing games, watching movies and more. We are all getting along well, probably better than any of us would expect. We each have a moment or two of frustration or anxiety, but who doesn’t these days.

We are thankful that we have created an environment of authenticity, love and forgiveness. That has helped us tremendously. We mourned the loss of our spring break vacation. We had tried three different things in the end, but it did not work out due to covid-19. The real grief in this season is for Jessica, Micah and Abby as the mourn the loss of their school year with the physical closure of schools for the remainder of the school year. 

The kids spend their time three days a week on elearning and one day a week we spend half a day working around the house. They have done a good job of finding stuff to do and although they miss their friends, they are in a good place. In many ways this has been a gift for our family and the family time is precious.

Jessica continues her primary job from home and had to adjust her college class to online. Our three bee hives arrived for the season, between work, hobby farm and home stuff, we have plenty to do but also are embracing rest. Its ok to be busy as long as you are focused on what matters and taking rest seriously. 

Marcus is still working full time on the non-profit he started. It launched officially January 1, 2020. As you can imagine, its a very tough time for fundraising and a challenge to have a new non-profit in this season. In addition to working on this, Marcus continues to teach and has enjoyed working on a lot of projects. He had to cancel several speaking engagements but has been recording videos for his YouTube channel and helping churches that do not have a pastor and/or the technology to do worship virtually.

Overall, we are doing very well and are very thankful. None of the challenges we face (occasional anxiety & frustration and financial fears) are limited to us in these crazy times. We have been praying for our friends and family and appreciate your prayers. We trust that God is moving and while we grieve the lost of the old normal, we look forward with hope to the new normal that will emerge.

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