Spring Break

We have just finished a two week spring break trip that has been wonderful and relaxing. Its the first trip of two weeks or more that we have taken as a family in several years. For our trip, we drove first to Birmingham, AL where we stayed overnight. Then, we headed to Vero Beach, FL where we used our Disney Vacation Club (time share points) to stay the Disney resort there. It was a fun and relaxing time as we connected with vacation friends we met there last year. These two families have been a key part of our fun. This year we also got to make new friends with another family that joined them (and us) for this week together. We spent most of our time by the pool relaxing and laughing, but also had some other fun. We then, as a family of 4 traveled to Hilton Head, SC for four nights. We stayed at the Disney Resort there too. The weather was not as friendly, but we got a pool/beach day, a day of shopping and relaxing, a day of games and sightseeing etc. We then drove into Kentucky where we stayed overnight before heading home. It was a wonderful trip, where we were able to relax, have some fun and spend very little money. Its just what we needed. We are certainly thankful for the time!

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