Another school year is complete and summer has begun for the Carlson family. Micah is now officially a Freshmen in high school and Abby in 7th grade. Time sure does fly by! 

This summer is going to be another great one for our family, this year because Marcus is on sabbatical from May 29 until August 1. This means he will be completely detached from work. It will be a great time for him to rest, reflect, renew and recharge. It will also mean some much needed family time.

The kids have a very busy schedule with scout camps, church camp and marching band. We will go to Colorado for a week at the start of the summer and Marcus and Jessica will do part of the bourbon tour while the kids are at church camp together. 

We hope for a restful time together and will also be working on projects outside on our land, on the house and some other projects as well. After full summers of travel and work, it will be nice to have a different change of pace this year.

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